The time is now! A cultural shift has started and we are but one more pebble in the landslide that is age-positive living in Life's Third Act. The term “third act” has been around for more than a decade and Jane Fonda made it popular with her 2011 TED Talk.

For the vast majority of Canadians, the third act will be the last 3 decades of our life. Because we are living longer, Statistics Canada advises that this will be our 70s, 80s and 90s and there is about to be way more of us than there will be younger people. Everyone's third act is personal though and can occur at any age.

THIRD ACTion Film Festival's focus is to celebrate ageing and the accomplishments of older adults to help speed along an age-positive culture shift and empower everyone to envision their best third act.

What do you think you best third act will look like? Well, Greta Pontarelli became a World Champion Pole Dancer at 65, Tatsuo Horiuchi, at 77, is creating amazing art using Microsoft Excel and Charlie Warner, at 81, decided to go to the Burning Man Festival – the world’s most challenging festival both mentally and physically.

You can’t dream and plan if you have a narrow definition of what aging can be.

The time has come to rejoice in the vibrancy, promise and joy of our third act because let’s face it, we don’t have a choice about getting older!

Come see the possibilities, dream your dream and cultivate the resiliency to age well.


VISION: Guiding an age positive cultural shift.

MISSION: Through film and film-based events, we offer audiences an entertaining and educational experience that redefines the narrative around aging.