Daddy’s Girl

Sunday / June 12, 2022 / 1:30pm

New Zealand / 2020 / 13 min / Drama / Maori w/English Subtitles

Available Viewing Area: Canada-wide

Short Film Series: You Gotta Friend In Me (Dementia/Caregiving)

Screening Sponsor: Vytality at Home

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Te Puhi prepares herself for the toughest day of her life as the harsh reality of her fathers dementia forces her to face the painful truth that her relationship is changing with the most important person in her life – her Daddy.  Daddy’s Girl is a story about the powerful love between a father and his daughter and the ability for that love to remain, even when all else seems lost.


Director(s):              Cian Elyse White

Writer(s):                 Cian Elyse White

Producer(s):            Tweedie Waititi

Key Cast:                 Ngapaki Moetara, William Davis


The Unravelling

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The Dwindling

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Feeding My Mother

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