Sunday / June 12, 2022 / 1:30pm

Austria / 2019 / 33 min / Drama / German w/English Subtitles

Available Viewing Area: Canada-wide

Short Film Series: You Gotta Friend In Me (Dementia/Caregiving)

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After losing his lifelong position at an industrial corporation, Raphael is forced by the Austrian Unemployment Office to take an underwhelming job as a night-time security guard. He recently moved back in with his bedridden mother, who is also cared for by the dedicated Ukrainian nurse Vera. Through her support, Raphael gradually learns to cope with his new life , but a tragic incident breaks his world apart once more.  A warm-hearted narrative about a part of society, whose basis of existence is increasingly threatened.


35th Warsaw International Film Festival Warsaw October 16, 2019 International Premiere Official Competition Poland, Busan International Short Film Festival Busan August 27, 2020 Asian Premiere Official Competition Korea


Director(s):              Albin Wildner

Writer(s):                 Albin Wildner

Producer(s):            Bernhard Wenger, Clara Maria Bacher, Sophie Sy, Albin Wildner

Key Cast:                 Rainer Wöss, Anna Tenta, Anton Noori, Gertrud Roll, Vitus Wieser, Susi Stach


The Unravelling

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The Dwindling

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Feeding My Mother

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