Extend the Experience


When choosing to attend online screenings, share the fun by inviting family/friends over to have a private screening. After the screening, watch where the conversation will take you.


For those attending in-person in Calgary, we have some new additions this year:

Wisdom Bench

On your way in or out of a screening, take time to sit with one of our volunteers to share a conversation or insights on ageing, life or a film you just saw. Our volunteers will be all ages….….because everyone has thoughts to share on their own aging process. The bench is meant to promote inter and intra generational communication to break down the stigma of aging. We also encourage you to join the age-positive revolution and post about the experience on your social media.

Wisdom Tree

Perhaps you don’t feel like being quite so interactive….then visit our Wisdom Tree and share your thoughts and insights on paper and hang them on the Tree. All the thoughts will be compiled after the festival with some of them shared over social media and other projects.