Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the films play?

Our venue is the wonderful Glenbow Museum Theatre situated on the main floor of the Glenbow Museum.

Glenbow Museum - 130 - 9 Avenue S.E. Calgary, Alberta T2G 0P3

Is the venue wheelchair and walker friendly?

The Glenbow, the theatre and its washrooms are completely accessible. For the festival, we create wheelchair "seating" in front of the first row of seats so we can accommodate between 7-9 wheelchairs. We ask that walkers be collapsed and stored at the front of the theatre - just ask our ushers and they can show you where!

Sometimes, I have trouble understanding the dialogue in films. Do you have any assistive devices for this?

We are proud to partner with Deaf & Hear Alberta to bring in a portable FM system that transmits both the film soundtrack and any presentations via an FM wideband transmitter to a personal receiver unit. The receiver unit comes with a headset (much like a Walkman) and will be available for free during the festival to those that would benefit from a personalized listening experience.

Audience members that wish to make use of the FM system will be asked to leave a drivers license or other photo id at the Concession while using the personal receiver unit. Once the unit is returned to the Concession, the members ID will be returned to them.

How can I get to the venue?

By CTrain

The Glenbow Museum is conveniently located one block south of Calgary's LRT line. The CTrain operates on a 10-minute schedule and every five minutes during rush hour service.

   From West locations:

   Take the Saddletowne train to Centre Street station.

   From East locations:

   Take 69 Avenue train to City Hall station.

   From South locations:

   Take the Tuscany train to City Hall station.

   From North locations:

   Take the Somerset-Bridlewood train to Centre Street station.

By Bus

Calgary Transit bus service also delivers visitors close to the Glenbow Museum's doors. There are many routes from all quadrants of the city which travel to the downtown core. For more information contact Calgary Transit at:

Phone: (403) 262-1000

By Car (Parking)

Check out Downtown Calgary's website for a map of nearby parking. Nearby City of Calgary ParkPlus parking lots charge only $5 after 11am on Fridays and all day on weekends. Street Parking on surrounding streets and avenues is free on Sundays.

Palliser Square

(Impark parking lot accessible from 9th Avenue between 1st street SW and Centre Street)

City Hall

(ParkPlus underground lot accessible from 9th Avenue just after McLeod Trail North intersection)

Telus Convention Centre

(ParkPlus underground lot accessible from 1st street SE just after 7th Avenue intersection)

Arts Commons

(ParkPlus underground lot accessible from McLeod Trail North just after 9th avenue intersection)

If I need cash, where are the closest ATMs?

The Festival takes cash, credit or debit cards. However, if you want to obtain cash, the closest ATMs are located in the Telus Convention Centre and the Marriott Hotel. Just ask our Box Office volunteers and they will be able to direct you.

Where can I purchase tickets and passes?

We will be selling tickets and passes on-line prior to the festival and at the door during the festival. Once we make passes and tickets available, we will update the website to include them and announce that they are on sale.

Join our Newsletter to be one of the first to know when we announce our line up for our 2020 festival.

If I buy a festival pass, do I need to indicate which of the films I will be attending?

No. When you buy either a Festival Pass or the Friends of the Festival package, the ticketing platform will send you a ticket for each of the screenings at the festival. We just ask that you try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to screening time. This gives you time to get some treats and drinks and find your seat. 10 minutes prior to the screening, should the screening be sold out and there are empty seats, we will begin selling tickets for those seats which means if you show up at the last minute, your seat may be gone.

If I buy a festival pass, do I just show my receipt to get into all the films?

If you purchase either the Festival Pass or the Friend of the Festival package, the ticketing platform will send you one ticket for each of the screenings. You will need to present the individual tickets at the theatre door to be scanned for each screening you attend.

How long are the screenings?

We endeavour to schedule the screenings to be about 1.5-2 hours in length. This may include speakers or panel discussions. We then have approximately one hour to both clear everyone from the theatre and have the next audience get in, get their treats and drinks and find their seats before the next screening commences.