Golden: The End Of Ageism

Saturday / June 11, 2022 / 4:30pm

Canada / 2021 / 46 min / Documentary / English

Available Viewing Area: Canada-wide

Short Film Series: We’re Not Going To Take It! (Ageism/Elder Abuse)

Screening Sponsor: CheckF1rst

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If you’re over a certain age, you may have already experienced it. The painful realization you’ve been discriminated against due to age. One minute it’s an older person’s problem. Then, suddenly it happens to you, at work maybe, in a social setting, anywhere generations co-mingle.   More than any other form of bias, ageism is truly universal. We all have a stake in this issue, yet it scarcely registers in the public discourse compared with sexism, racism or almost any other form of discrimination.    That’s changing now. Across the globe, there are powerful movements underway to tackle this profound social problem head on and reshape the experience of getting older for us all.


Director(s):              Scott Thompson Harper

Writer(s):                 Scott Thompson Harper

Producer(s):            Scott Thompson Harper


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