Myths & Facts About Aging

We become frail, diseased, suffer from dementia in old age.

  • Some of us do and the longer we live the more likely are these possibilities. However, in Canada in 2021, only 14 people in 100,000 died from dementia.

We lose our creativity in old age.

  • Often this is the time when creativity accelerates. Without jobs, the commute or full-time care for children, more time is available to explore and seriously pursue creative avenues.

We become set in our ways.

  • Studies show that older people have more resilience than younger people.

We lose interest in intimacy and sex.

  • Everyone needs intimacy. Couples with a good sex life live longer and healthier lives

We become a burden on society, no longer contributing to the common good.

  • We contribute our time, money, and expertise long past retirement.

We shouldn’t hire people over 50. They will be slow and sick all the time and want too much money.

  • Older workers have skills and experience, tend to have a strong work ethic, work well in team settings, and require minimal supervision.

Ageism doesn’t apply to everyone equally. It is compounded by other prejudices. We rarely see well-developed older characters who are 2LGBTQ+, BIPOC, persons with disabilities.

The narrative needs to shift for young and old. A well-entrenched set of ageist ideas will become internalized ageism. In other words, stop ageism before you hurt yourself. There are a number of tests for ageism available online for free. Google “ageism tests” and give one a try. You may be surprised by your score.