Our Team



June Read

President & Chair of the Board

I am an eclectic professional. My diverse range of interests include educational institutions, publishing, engineering, staffing services and passenger transportation. Managing communications, human resources, public relations and operations provided me with opportunities that intersected with volunteer opportunities for Calgary Immigrant Womens Association, SAIT, Calgary White Hat Awards, Calgary 88 Olympics Transportation consortium, to name a few. I also enjoy the medium of film, not only watching but also working with creatives to produce. As a native Calgarian, I am excited about the THIRD ACTion Film Fest; and its mission to educate and entertain about ageism.

Louise Gallagher

Board Member & Vice-Chair

Creativity is my currency of life. As a writer, artist and story-teller, I believe it is through deepening our creative expressions that we build a better world where we celebrate our shared human condition, no matter our differences. After serving in leadership roles for almost 20 years in the homeless serving sector two years ago I took up my paint brush and pen as a ‘creativity activist’. My mission is to create sacred spaces for self-expression that expand our understanding of what it means to be ‘women of this amazing age’. Before working in the not-for-profit sector I worked as a freelance writer and communications professional. I have produced and written documentaries for local and national television as well as been published in newspapers and magazines. In 2011, my book The Dandelion Spirit, was turned into a documentary for the Oprah Network. It has touched people’s lives across North America bringing hope and healing to those affected by abuse and loss. I am excited to be able to play a role in furthering THIRD ACTion’s vision and mission.

Daniel Winnick

Board Member & Secretary

I am a CPA Candidate who works as a Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Advisor. Day to day, I work to secure funding for the people, research, and experimentation driving innovation throughout Canada. I also have a passion for sustainability, hold an Honors Specialization in Environmental Science, and was fortunate to co-author research that was published in the Journal of Environmental Management. I love connecting with the people and organizations focused on building a better future through community. After hearing about the THIRD ACTion Film Festival’s desire to guide an age positive cultural shift through the beauty of film and story-telling, I immediately resonated with the festival’s mission. I am honored to have the opportunity to help grow this unique festival and can’t wait to see how it inspires conversation and change throughout Canada.

Rose Bene

Board Member

My love of film began as a young child and has endured over time as I transition into my third act. The opportunity to share stories/information that help others maneuver the challenges of aging is a passion for me. Over the course of my career, I have been involved in many different aspects of teaching, media design and production as well as, working in the non-profit environmental sector. I hope to bring this expertise to my role as a board member for THIRD ACTion Film Festival.

David Pickersgill

Board Member

An engineer by training, corporate executive by accident, and former business owner by good fortune, I left the work-for pay world of manufacturing/construction many years ago, to join the work-for-joy world of volunteering with, mostly, child-serving organizations. I worked ‘hands-on’ with five such organizations, acted as an interim CEO for three, and chaired or served on the Boards of fourteen, both in Calgary and nationally. Currently, I am a Director of The Alex and of Social Venture Partners.

Gord Grant

Board Member

I was fortunate to have spent my entire sales career working for many of the companies that changed the way we use information technology. Most of my work life was dedicated to helping customers and business partners find new opportunities in a world of rapid change. Guiding people through the challenges that change often creates, lead me to become a certified professional coach. In addition to coaching sales professionals across western Canada, I have helped amateur athletes, including me, achieve their goals in marathon, cycling and triathlon. My midlife decision to shift to an active lifestyle continues to provide lessons in what is possible. Being involved with THIRD ACTion allows me to celebrate people in their Third Act who look for opportunity in challenge.

Shafiq Bhura

Board Member

I have spent most of my life in this incredible city. After graduating from U of C, I wandered off to Toronto for 5 years and then a couple more wandering the globe with a backpack. Setting roots back in Calgary, I have had the joy of raising two boys with the love of my life, and being a Managing Partner at Centex Petroleum. I’m a cinephile at heart and look forward to spreading the joy of cinema and celebrating age with THIRD ACTion Film Festival.

Aly Bandali

Board Member

I am the President and CEO of Give Sight Global, an international development organization that works to prevent blindness and restore sight around the world. I seek to amplify the mission, innovate the NGO model and make a lasting impact in developing communities. I have served on various community and NFP boards in addition to my 25 years of experience in executive leadership in health non-profit, technology, oil & gas, and private enterprise. My areas of speciality include leadership development, organizational culture and business strategy.

Lyn Cadence

Board Member

As someone who cares about the power of story to change hearts and minds, I’ve worked in the book publishing industry for years, reading widely and watching a wealth of films. For work, I have a PR company and for fun I host a monthly literary event in virtual reality and a monthly book club designed for women 50+. I’m jazzed to be joining this board to create and celebrate a healthier narrative about aging using film as the primary driver.

Allan Nielsen

Board Member

I began my education by studying physics at the University of Alberta, then studying history, then law. Thereafter, I became a lawyer with a large firm and stuck with that for 43 years. I learned a lot in that job and now try to apply some of that knowledge to assist volunteer organizations in and around Alberta. THIRD ACTion Film Festival is a great organization to be a member of and I anticipate learning a lot from the other board members AND the films!

Elizabeth Reade

Board Member

I moved to Calgary in 2001 as Western Sales Manager of Cineplex Media; need I say more?  I love movies, cinema and film – all genres.   This particular festival is near and dear to my heart as I enter my own third act and I am constantly impressed at the movies unearthed by this team – moving, inspiring and at all times changing the narrative on aging.    

I moved into the not-for-profit sector in 2012 and was lucky enough to work on two landscape changing initiatives, Studio Bell home of the National Music Centre followed by New Central Library.  Currently I am part of the development team for Glenbow Reimagined – a project that will bring enormous opportunity to Calgarians and to the city. 

In the words of Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over till it’s over”. …. maybe then……. a fourth act?


June Read

Interim Executive Director

*see bio above

Toby Taylor

Lead Programmer

A cinephile at heart who is transitioning into my own third act, I am so excited to be a part of the THIRD ACTion Film Festival team. A career background in multi-faceted project and business management marries my life-long love of film to the planning and selection of the annual festival program, as well as coordinating monthly screening events. I love the challenge and fulfillment that comes with bringing together a variety of powerful, creative, and informative films from around the globe that celebrates aging!