Third Act?

In a Ted Talk, Jane Fonda explained that screenplays are usually written in three acts and with the additional 30 years added to our life expectancy over this generation, our own third acts aren’t just a footnote.

THIRD ACTion Film Festival shows films with at least one well-developed character age 60 or older who is living an inspirational life or tackling issues of aging.

We educate and entertain. We have discussions led by filmmakers and/or subject matter experts after the film. We encourage even further discussions in social settings afterwards. We explore issues of concern to older adults. Sometimes we show a film for pure nostalgia and fun, a film from our youth, a film that shaped our generation..

Here are some of the issues we tackle with our screenings:

  • taking on new challenges
  • exploring new activities
  • contributing to family and community
  • communicating within and across generations
  • understanding people with different backgrounds and experiences
  • physical and mental health
  • death and dying
  • caregiving and receiving
  • tackling loneliness and isolation
  • aging in place
  • mentoring and legacy