Saturday / June 11, 2022 / 1:30pm

Canada / 2021 / 15 min / Drama / English

Available Viewing Area: Alberta-wide

Short Film Series: All By Myself (Isolation)

Screening Sponsor: Kerby Centre

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Gordon meets with Curtis for one of their weekly walks at their favourite forest trail when Curtis informs Gordon that he and his family have to relocate a few hours away for work. Gordon is opposed to this being confronted with the idea of being truly alone, however Curtis reassures him that he will still find time to come down to visit to have their weekly walks. When Curtis misses their next walk due to complications at work, Gordon struggles with feeling left behind and forgotten. He reminisces of the times he was surrounded by family, wishing he could have it all back. Ultimately, he is able to find new inspiration, and learns to adapt to overcome the situation.


Sheridan Screen Arts Awards Nominated: Best Cinematography Canada  Sheridan Screen Arts Awards Nominated: Best Editing Canada  Forest City Film Festival London October 22, 2021 Premiere Official Selection Canada  Beaufort International Film Festival Beauf


Director(s):              Henry Daemen

Writer(s):                 Henry Daemen, Matt Quinn

Producer(s):            Stephanie Nakashima, Hailey Frizell

Key Cast:                 Joseph Ferrari, Daniel Christian Jones, Chantel McDonald, Carter Levely


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