Since our inaugural festival in 2018, THIRD ACTion has grown and thrived, despite the Covid pandemic, while sharing our message of an age-positive culture shift and showing great film featuring older adults.

Film festivals are an exceptional tool for crossing communication channels and helping present perspectives in an increasingly polarized world. Screening films in a multitude of languages, gives you the ability to hear a rich diversity of voices. The information gained from a film is much more complex than in TV news and there are opportunities to speak to people directly involved with the stories or documentaries, as well as, subject matter experts.

For the last 5 years, THIRD ACTion Film Festival has consistently presented remarkable film, amazing speakers and filmmakers and expanded our operations.

With a rapidly growing audience of older adults in Canada, we want to spread our wings and our message. The first of our kind in Canada, THIRD ACTion continues to push limits. The first to do speed networking on Zoom in September 2020 and one of only a few film festivals to take on live broadcasting of its screenings. THIRD ACTion is an innovator.

THIRD ACTion is also making itself known to the film industry and sending the message that there is a place for film featuring older adults to be shown and an audience hungry to see it.

Join the age-positive revolution and make it stronger!