The Last Lullaby

Sunday / June 12, 2022 / 10:30am

USA / 2021 / 30 min / Documentary / English

Available Viewing Area: World-wide

Short Film Series: I Did It My Way (Death/Grieving)

Screening Sponsor: Elite Counsel

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The remarkable woman at the center of “The Last Lullaby” is a death midwife, an exquisite singer and an advocate for conscious dying.  She chaperones a group of Californians who are grappling with their own ideas, experiences, fears and hopes about their ends.  Many of us are simply never ready for death.  Western culture often associates death with darkness, finality and the macabre and most of us ignore the only reliable truth until a last, fearful chapter.  With hospitals and the medical field being ill equipped to help us face death with equanimity and grace, there is a growing community of professionals and volunteers who advocate for conscious dying.  They dedicate their time at the bedsides of those on the threshold between life and death. Alongside Blessing who has sat vigil at over 70 deaths, the somnolent design and songful incantations creates a calm in the chaos of death, a space in our imaginations to envision our ends, make plain our wishes with our loved ones, and to converse more openly about death and dying.  Could we all live a better life by squarely facing the inevitable fact of our own death?


Director(s):              Sophie Dia Pegrum


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