Till Sun Rises

Sunday / June 12, 2022 / 7:30pm

Sweden / 2021 / 98 min / Drama / Swedish w/English Subtitles

Available Viewing Area: Alberta-wide

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When Peder runs into his old flame, Hanna, many years have passed and they are both now happily married. Nevertheless, they are still attracted to each other, though neither of them want to break up their marriage. By chance, they come across an ancient book about dreams. With the help of this book they enter the dreamworld, living a life together where everything is possible, whilst continuing to live their normal lives during their waking days. But as their dreams start to enter reality, they experience some unforeseen consequences.


Director(s):              Peter Dalle

Writer(s):                 Peter Dalle

Producer(s):            Patrick Ryborn

Key Cast:                 Mikael Persbrandt, Helen Sjöholm, Vanna Rosenberg, Peter Dalle