THIRD ACTion Film Festival Wants You!

  • To have a great time
  • To meet amazing people
  • To enjoy some fantastic films
  • To be able to exclaim “I was a part of that!”

So, come be a part of bringing the festival to life!

We have fun volunteer positions for everyone (depending on your interests) and a snazzy volunteer t-shirt to show off to your family and friends! There will be other great things too but we’ve got to leave something as a surprise!

You will be working in a great venue or helping with the online portion of our festival and can volunteer for as little as 1 shift.

And if you are a cinephile, think about volunteering prior to the festival to earn complementary tickets or even a festival pass so you don’t miss out on seeing the great films we will be showing!

Hop on the Festival Train by filling out the following forms:

jotform link image